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Live Concerts & Events

Enjoy the Things You Love!

At PORTpass, our mission is to help individuals navigate seamlessly in the times that we are all in. Our app is optional and helps users get access to the things they love most to do.

If you’re heading to a concert of event, make sure to have your PORTpass ready via the app on the Apple Store or the Google Playstore. We love going to live concerts and listening to our favourite artists and that is why our app helps users get into an arena or stadium by simply presenting their verified PORTpass that contains a visual of who they are and a QR code that may be scanned if need be by the event or live concert that is being attended.


Supporting Local Events

At PORTpass, we know the challenges that many organizations, events and concerts have faced through the past 19 months. With that being said, PORTpass is always looking to expand our network to help users navigate safely and securely to your events! Get in touch to see how we can work with you and support your LIVE events!

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