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Residents in the Province of Alberta will now need more than a paper record from a COVID-19 vaccine clinic if they want to sit down at a restaurant, work out at a gym or enter indoor venues like arenas or movie theatres.

Click the “…” after updating your PORTpass app for IOS/Android and upload your SMART Health QR Code on your PORTpass wallet for access when required.

Albertans hoping to enter any business that has implemented the COVID-19 restrictions exemption program — or Alberta’s vaccine passport — will now need to have the QR code provided by the provincial government.

As of today November 15, 2021, the proof of vaccine received at the time of vaccination paper or those saved from MyHealthRecords papers/digitally is longer be accepted and Albertans will need to show their QR code

Add your SMART Health QR Code onto the App as you will need to show it when accessing certain locations where required and addressed by the province of Alberta.

The PORTpass allows users that have updated the app with the latest version to upload their SMART Health QR code from the province on the app for Iphone and Android devices and we look forward to helping Albertans streamline their access with a visual of the user, their date of birth and their appropriate provincial QR code for viewing on the PORTpass app (digital wallet) for fast-track access.

If the user does not have a proof of vaccination with a QR code on the PORTpass app, they can show their negative COVID-19 test results by adding it on the app under the restrictions exemption program where it is acceptable.