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Create an account for arrival testing in the country of Canada

Depending on where you enter into the nation of Canada, there are different testing providers to chose from.

Based on where you are entering Canada, you can create an account with the testing provider in advance to save time at the border.

When creating an account, use the same email address you used for your ArriveCAN account.

You may be required to get tested before exiting the airport. To speed you through the process at the airport, we encourage you to register in advance with the testing provider:

Land Border Test Providers

Starting October 29, 2021, the swab stations located at 17 land points of entry stopped operations.

When you arrive at a land border crossing, you’ll be given a self-swab kit to complete. You’ll need to follow the instructions in your self-swab kit to complete the test at your destination.

To learn more, please visit:

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