Consent Summary

As part of using PORTpass, you will log-in to your health provider account to access and consent to your health record being shared with PORTpass for purposes of providing the digital health certificate. Your health provider may collect additional personal data that may be connected to your digital health records. Prior to sharing you will be asked to consent to share this information.

PORTpass is asking for your explicit consent to process the following personal data:

  • Your name, date of birth, gender, identity document number (and in the case of a passport, the country of origin), or a QR code from a verified health provider to verify;

  • Your document upload or verified QR code for your proof of vaccination (which may include testing results or vaccination status);

  • Associated information about the health provider and the location of the testing or vaccination.

If you access your records and grant consent, we will use the personal data to display the PORTpass profile for verification and will be stored as cryptographic metadata linking it to you. You may withdraw your consent by deleting your PORTpass profile on the mobile app above the sign out tab, or as may further explained in our Privacy Policy. You can also view our Terms of Service for additional information.