Helping you Navigate

A fast-track approach when going from Point A to Point B.

Visual Recognition

A seamless and a fast-track way to help reduce wait times by increasing user entry flow for high traffic locations.

Proof of Vaccination

The standardized SMART Health QR Code for Proof of Vaccination can be utilized with your mobile PORTpass app.

Access when Required

The PORTpass app can be used to enter sporting or live events, places of work, travel and dining.

Negative Test Results

Securely manage and present your proof of negative test results on your PORTpass when and where its required.

For Organizations
& Events

Our enterprise suite has become a leading choice for proof of vaccination and rapid test results app to navigate safely across provinces for businesses, venues and events.

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Access your PORTpass
when Required

The PORTpass app for IOS and Android devices provides a free, fast and secure way to present a digital proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test results.

Proudly a
Local Startup!

PORTpass has its headquarters in Calgary, Alta, Canada and works with various partners and organizations across the nation to consistently develop, design and enhance the user experience. We are always looking for your feedback to make our solutions better, if you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know!

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Navigate Safely & Securely

Your fast tracked proof of vaccination and negative test results app to help you access the entry points when needed to do so.